Trusted transformation partner

Our mission is to successfully perform critical IT and business transformation programmes that support our clients’ alignment of the business with their strategic goals.

We aim to help them make real changes in the governance, content and delivery models of their information systems.

This is being driven by the need to do more while spending less, provide higher value to end users and be more flexible and agile in the context of growing economic and social uncertainty. In many cases organisations in the public and private sectors must address the misalignment of their IT estates with the new business environment. They face issues with the increasingly critical maintainability of legacy applications and ageing infrastructures that have reached their capacity limit.

Other external factors are also shaping our clients’ transformation strategies. There are growing challenges related to system security, changes in regulatory frameworks and reduced time-to-market, as well as to new ways of working. And both private and public sectors need to meet  the booming mobility demand of users and customers, the developments in cloud computing, the explosion and variety of data available for decision-making and the rising importance of social networks.

Transformation is thus a multi-faceted challenge. It demands a new approach to managing IT estates and running business operations. With proven experience in large-scale transformation programmes, Steria brings fresh thinking to the transformation table.

We believe that successful transformation demands what we call “Smart Transformation”:

  • S: shared
  • M: measurable
  • A: adapted
  • R: responsible
  • T: timely

Our “Smart Transformation” offering combines technology and business expertise.  It is not a ‘big bang’ approach entailing major and costly information system overhauls; nor is it a complete ‘takeover’ of our clients’ IT estates. Instead, we’ve built our “Smart Transformation” portfolio of solutions on truly partnering with our clients in a proven co-transformation model. This takes a highly collaborative approach that instils the mutual trust so essential to successful transformation programmes.

Our clients benefit from:

  • A proven ability to adapt our transformation model to their maturity and specific constraints
  • An industrial delivery model which, from on-site teams to offshore delivery centres, offers a fully integrated organisation with common tools and processes built on established best practice
  • Our commitment to long-term business transformation objectives, rather than simply to contract delivery
  • Company values that guarantee our commitment to considering the social responsibility challenge in anything we do.

In taking a partnership approach, we share each client’s vision and goals and effectively manage their transformation journeys to their target.


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